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JJW Prestige Watch Faces

0.99 usd

A stylish collection of four different colored prestigious JJW watch face designs now available for round and square Android Wear devices including the Sony SmartWatch 3, LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Asus Zenwatch and more! This watch face collection brings class, style and PRESTIGE STYLING to your wrist! Colors include:- JJW Prestige Moonstone- JJW Prestige Saphire- JJW Prestige Pearl- JJW Prestige Gold
Note:This watchface is optimised for both square and round screens.
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Note: This is an optimised Android Wear Lollipop watch face design and works in active and low power (ambient) mode to save your watch's battery. By using this watchface you should still continue to get great battery life from your watch unlike other 'pseudo-watchface apps' which chew through your battery. Requires at least Android 5.0.x (Lollipop) on your Android Wear device.
Installation instructions:1. Download app via Google Play2. Click the 'Android Wear' notification in the notifications bar to open the Android Wear configuration app3. Click 'More' watch faces button4. Choose the new watchface from the list of watchfaces5. Enjoy!Alternatively, select the watch face directly on the watch by tapping and holding down on your Android Wear watch screen.
For technical support or questions, please write a post on my Facebook page and I'll do my best to help.